Turnkey Manufacturing

Technology - Tribocor made substantial investments in CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, CAD/CAM 3-D software and advanced ERP manufacturing Software to manage full tracking from order entry to final shipping. Over the last 18 years Tribocor has attained special expertise in the precision machining and finishing of laser overlayed components using a variety of steels, nickel and cobalt alloys. In addition, Tribocor manufactures complex precision components used for oil and gas drilling and production, for surface, as well as offshore applications. With our specialty lapping and finishing center, we can provide a finish of less than 1lightband and 1 Ra polish.

Tribocor has the latest technology in equipment, processes, business systems and best practices, to deliver turnkey precision manufactured products for our customers.

Quality - At Tribocor, a dedicated team, working to ISO9001:2008 standards in a Total Quality Managed (TQM) environment ensure quality in every process and part. The Quality Control department, fully equipped with certified precision instruments, is a vital part of Tribocor's Quality Control System of Verification, Measurement and Testing. Our continual investments in the most advanced manufacturing equipment and Laser Facilities attest to our commitment to be the best at what we do.

In order to assure customers the highest quality turnkey products, inspection is conducted during each one of the manufacturing and finishing steps. Tribocor routinely undertakes projects requiring tolerances of +/- .0002” and surface finish of 1 Ra and 1 light band flatness. Final inspection is carried out using the most advanced instruments in metrology. The precision instruments at Tribocor range from conventional instruments such as micrometers and height gauges to CMM for geometric tolerance measurements and metrology instruments to verify surface finish and flatness.

Customer Loyalty and Partnership - Our enviable reputation for consistently producing high quality work has earned us customer loyalty. Over the last 10 years, Tribocor has been consistently recognized by many of our customers for providing the highest quality products, with a 99%+ quality rating. With our in-house metallurgical expertise and manufacturing know-how, many of our customers rely on Tribocor as their partner, to help them attain improved performance for their critical components, while reducing costs.

For some of our customers, ‘Dock-to-Stock’ has been a reality for Tribocor-made components and assemblies. Contact us for more information.