PCD Diamond

Over the last decade, Tribocor made significant investment in HPHT technology, for the production of superior PCD Diamond inserts, for hammer bits used in percussion drilling. Tribocor PCD inserts are known for delivering our customers top performance and durability, for hammer drilling applications where a tough diamond insert is required for hard rock drilling applications.

The High Pressure High Temperature(HPHT) cubic presses have been customized with proprietary software, controls and processes to deliver consistency in quality, durability and performance of Tribocor’s PCD Diamond inserts.

Tribocor’s multi layer diamond product with a specially engineered transition layer has shown to withstand higher impact energy compared to previous generation products. Today, Tribocor is the only Polycrystalline Diamond Compact(PDC) manufacturer fully focused on delivering high performance dome Diamond products.

Tribocor can provide PCD diamond inserts with up to 1” diameter and 1.2” in length.

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