Laser Cladding

22 years ago, Tribocor became the pioneer in laser cladding applications for the energy industry by establishing a manufacturing facility in the Houston Area, utilizing high power lasers. Today, Tribocor uses the latest in high power CO2 lasers, fiber lasers and diode lasers, to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our innovative approach to delivering laser overlays with a turnkey solution has earned the loyalty of our customers.

The consistent and reliable performance of Tribocor products has helped us become the leaders in laser overlayed solutions for wear and corrosion protection, for the energy industry.

Tribocor laser cladding/overlay process advantage - Tribocor laser cladding provides a true metallurgical bond vs. a mechanical bond realized in other processes such as thermal spray, plating, etc. Our specialized laser cladding process provides minimal measurable dilution of the substrate(base material), while controlling the heat affected zone and the thickness of the alloy applied with laser, for a full metallurgical bond. The flexibility of Tribocor’s customized new laser systems and the proprietary beam and powder delivery system allows the application of variety of alloys to different base metals, for results that deliver high performance, for wear and corrosion protection.


Leading energy equipment companies now rely on the Tribocor hardfacing of critical components such as Seats and Gates for Gate Valves, which must continue to seal under adverse conditions, such as corrosion, abrasion, high temperature and high pressure.

Our precision technology, expertise, proprietary processes and well trained staff assures our customers the highest quality products. Contact us for more information.