About Tribocor

Tribocor was founded 22 years ago, to provide a new innovative way to deliver superior metallurgical bond of various alloys to a base metal (substrate) using high power lasers. Over the years, Tribocor has achieved a number of break through technologies and processes in laser cladding and overlays that has become the benchmark for performance. Today, our customers rely on Tribocor’s full service turnkey manufacturing for their product requirements.

We know metallurgy and welding, for the oil and gas drilling and production industry.

Tribocor is uniquely qualified -- Our in-house welding engineering and metallurgy expertise, with 40 years of combined experience in utilizing high power lasers for precision cladding/overlays, is unmatched in the industry. Tribocor has become the supplier of choice for leading oil and gas drilling and production equipment companies, for critical components that require wear and corrosion protection.

PCD Diamond for Hammer bits - Tribocor’s early investment in research and development, beginning in 2000, has resulted in the high performance PCD Diamond, for hammer bits used in percussion drilling. Today, Tribocor PCD inserts are known for delivering our customers top performance and durability, for hammer drilling applications where a tough diamond insert is required for hard rock drilling applications.