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Tribocor is a 22 year old, well established ISO certified manufacturing company serving the energy industry. We are located in Stafford, Texas in the Houston area.

Today, Tribocor is the largest, most experienced turnkey manufacturing company providing Laser Cladding and overlay services for the energy industry. Tribocor provides superior wear and corrosion protection for downhole drilling and production equipment. Tribocor provides Turnkey Manufacturing based on your specific designs.

To serve the oil and gas exploration industry , Tribocor manufactures high performance PCD Diamond inserts for hammer bits used for drilling in tough, hard rock environment.

  • Laser Cladding22 years ago, Tribocor became the pioneer in laser cladding applications for the energy industry by establishing a manufacturing facility in the Houston Area, utilizing high power lasers. read more ...

  • PCD DiamondOver the last decade, Tribocor made significant investment in HPHT technology, for the production of superior PCD Diamond inserts, for hammer bits used in percussion drilling. read more ...

  • Turnkey ManufacturingTribocor has the latest technology in equipment, processes, business systems and best practices, to deliver turnkey precision manufactured products for our customers. read more ...

  • QualityAt Tribocor, a dedicated team, working to ISO9001:2008 standards in a Total Quality Managed (TQM) environment ensure quality in every process and part. read more ...

News Updates

  • Tribocor Technologies
    In the last year Tribocor expands laser cladding & overlay capacity for new innovative applications using the latest in high power fiber lasers.
    Research & Development
    Extensive R & D effort and investment in HPHT technology leads to top performing PCD inserts for Hammer bits.
    Turnkey Manufacturing
    Last year Tribocor adds an additional 55% space for Turnkey manufacturing.

Customer Partnership

Our enviable reputation for consistently producing high quality work has earned us customer loyalty ...